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Podcast | Breaking Down the Q4 2022 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Findings and Identifying Bright Spots in Giving with Matthew Mielcarek

In this episode we dive into the new Fundraising Effectiveness Project’s (FEP) Q4 2022 Report with Pursuant SVP of Analytics and Insights Strategy, Matthew Mielcarek, to glean his insights about what the findings mean for nonprofits. Along the way, we dig into Pursuant client results to see if they are seeing similar results. 

The FEP Report found that giving declined by 10 percent by the end of 2022. Both the number of donors and the total dollars donated fell. Matthew explains that this is alarming because we’ve become accustomed to revenue holding steady despite donor decline as an industry. This has been attributed to the hard work fundraisers do every day to engage their most loyal donors. 

Matthew believes not understanding the makeup of your donor file may be the reason behind the decrease in funds and contributors. Accurately identifying donors who are inclined to connect with your cause is where you can create magic. By utilizing GivingDNA, you can analyze your donor population, save time, and prioritize those individuals who are interested in further engagement with your organization.


Bright Spots:

  • Online revenue grew by 30% in 2022
  • 60% of Philanthropic Pulse Survey respondents met their 2022 fundraising goals
  • 30% of Philanthropic Pulse Survey respondents exceeded their 2022 fundraising goals
  • Recurring donors were significantly less likely to stop donating


Pursuant + GivingDNA Client Results

“When we look back at 2022, we see momentum built for some of our clients,” Matthew said. “As the industry saw declines for the past year, our clients had growth, so they are doing something right.” Here are a few examples from our Pursuant + GivingDNA clients:  

  • Retention increased by 14% over the prior year, and reactivated donors increased by 45% for one regional medical nonprofit. Revenue for their Direct Mail campaigns increased by 11%, and new donors acquired through Direct Mail acquisition campaigns increased by 54%.
  • Another Pursuant + GivingDNA client saw a 92% increase over the prior year in organizational revenue, 124% for new donors, and a 24% increase in reactivated donors.
  • For a US-based medical nonprofit, revenue increased by 23% across all of their digital sources over the prior year. They also experienced growth in their recurring donor program, as the number of recurring donors increased by 79% and the number of recurring gifts increased by 97%.
  • A national religious organization’s reactivated donors increased by 3% for the organization over last year, and increased their direct response program by 10%.
  • Retention improved by 25% over prior years for a national arts & culture nonprofit. Reactivated donors increased by 29% for the organization and 48% for their Direct Response programs.

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