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Podcast | Facing Budget Cuts? Don’t Axe Acquisition

As you begin planning for 2023, the current economic climate may have you tightening your belt to stay on budget. Donor acquisition tends to be singled out for cuts in tough times because the ROI isn’t always obvious.

In this episode, Pursuant Executive Vice Presidents Jennifer Bielat and Alicia Lifrak will help you make the case for responsible investment in acquisition. You'll learn how metrics like the acquisition cost, payback period, and long-term value of donors can help you convince your organization’s leadership that donor acquisition is not just a valid investment, but a vital one.

The consequences of scaling back acquisition cannot be overstated. Did you know removing just one cycle of acquisition efforts can take three years to recover from? You might save money now, but it will cost you in the long run. Responsible decision making is essential, and our experts outline the metrics you can use to empower it.

We also discuss how to navigate challenges like the paper shortage and supply chain issues as they relate to direct mail appeals. The good news is your spring mailings should be okay if you start now. 

Our guests also share their insights on donor reactivation. Reaching out to those who are in your database but haven’t given lately (or ever) require very specific messaging. Learning as much as you can about how they ended up in your database and what their preferences are can help you target them with a case for supporting your organization that resonates with their values and passions.

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