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Podcast | How Flexible Giving Can Double Your Fundraising ROI

Can you double your ROI by allowing constituents to donate now and pay later? Adam Martel, Founder and CEO of Givzey, is betting his business that you can. Givzey enables nonprofits to offer flexible payment options with no hidden fees, interest, or credit checks. Donors can contribute to organizations and charities today, but instead of paying for it all at once, they can spread their payments over time.

The give-now-pay-later model is already popular among retailers, and more than half of all Americans have used it. It’s a game-changing option for many donors who may not have the financial means to give a large sum upfront but still want to make a meaningful impact. It also allows organizations to secure funding for their programs and projects more predictably, as donors can make smaller, regular payments rather than one-time gifts.

In this episode, Adam shares what he’s learned in Givzey’s first year of bringing this model to nonprofits. For example, donors find it easy to use and report feeling more comfortable making larger gifts.

As for nonprofits, Adam points to three significant benefits:

  1.     More donor engagement
  2.     Larger gift amounts
  3.     More first-time donors becoming sustainers

Adam cites a church he worked with that was collecting money to repair flood damage. By implementing Givzey, the church quadrupled what its members could give.

He also believes this model can help nonprofits navigate challenging economic times while taking away the sting of giving donors might feel — especially if the predicted recession comes to fruition. His goal is to provide donors the means of supporting the causes important to them without ever having to reach for a credit card and pay interest on their generosity.

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