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Podcast | Let’s Get Digital! These Are the Trends You Need to Know

Is your organization prepared to excel in today's fiercely competitive digital landscape? To ensure your success, let's embark on a journey to discover the cutting-edge digital trends shaping the realm of fundraising.

On this Go Beyond Fundraising podcast episode, Nicholas Hedenkamp, Pursuant’s Insights Consultant, brings us the reports and trends you need to know. Let’s hit the highlights: 


M+R Benchmarks

The annual M+R Benchmarks report is informed by the digital experiences of 215 nonprofits in 2022. And predictably, there were highs and lows.

First, look at 2022 Giving Tuesday: online giving decreased by 13%, and revenue collected from email appeals fell by 18%. Two disclaimers: this only looks at gifts given on Giving Tuesday and therefore doesn’t include donations from the days leading up to or following; it also may be the case that email appeals are getting lost in crowded inboxes.

The M+R Benchmarks report also revealed some bright spots around giving:

  • Monthly giving increased by 11% in 2022, accounting for 28% of all online revenue.
  • The average monthly gift amount increased to $25.
  • The average one-time online gift was also up from $115 to $121.

The report also showed that spending on digital ads increased by 28%, and nonprofits spent about a third of their budgets on search ads. The takeaway here is that more organizations are embracing digital channels.


How to Maximize Your Online Fundraising

Focusing more on digital strategies may be new ground for your organization. Based on the trends we’re seeing, there are four things fundraisers can do to make the most of these new channels:

  1. Master segmentation. Your donors aren’t the same, so don’t communicate as if they are.
  2. Be more selective on social media. Don’t overextend your marketing team; instead, focus on where your target audience is.
  3. Focus on giving history. The giving behavior of all your donors — not just the wealthy — can show who will contribute at that moment.
  4. Keep sending emails. Target specific groups within your organization that will support your most immediate needs. 

Digital Media Trends for 2023

Finally, Deloitte released a digital media trends report examining how younger generations are transforming the media and entertainment landscape. And while it’s not aimed at nonprofits, three lessons will benefit your organization:

  1. Younger generations use digital media to build connections and community.
  2. Value matters. Today’s consumers expect digital media to serve a real purpose and let their emotional needs.
  3. Content creators will continue to be integral, so use them to promote your cause and foster a community among your donors.

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