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Podcast | Becoming a Confident Leader Today While Empowering Tomorrow’s Talent

The Great Resignation has shed light on the timeless reality that effective organizations require empowered people. Good leaders are able to recognize their direct reports' unique talents and passions and harness that potential to grow both the employee AND the organization... but how is this accomplished? In this episode, our Executive Vice President Rebecca "Becca" Segovia shares how she grew into the effective leader she is today, as well as some key resources and frameworks you can leverage to become the leader YOU want to be. 

Some key takeaways:

  • Learn how to see the gifts in your employees so you can maximize their talents
  • A framework of questions you can ask to find out how your team members are wired
  • Cultivate an abundance mentality even when working within limitations
  • Running lean and achieving your goals, simultaneously 


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