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Podcast | Celebrating 100 Episodes 🎉

It's hard to believe, but we've now released 100 episodes of the Go Beyond Podcast!

To celebrate the occasion, we sat down with our president and CEO, Trent Ricker, to reflect on the changes in the fundraising landscape since the inception of COVID-19. We also explored the evergreen value of positive donor experiences, and how nonprofit leaders can confidently move forward in a world of increasing data privacy.

If you’ve been with us since episode 1, thank you for sticking with us all the way to now, our 100th episode. We’re glad you’re here and grateful for you. 

Freebie for Listeners: The Pursuant Giving Outlook is our take on the market forces influencing the philanthropic landscape, what the future may hold, and how nonprofits can implement the findings into their fundraising programs. It’s our most popular resource every year. Sign up to get your copy of the 2021 Pursuant Giving Outlook at pursuant.com/givingoutlook21.