Podcast | Cultivating Relationships with Tomorrow's Donors - Guest Maria Clark from GoodUnited

There’s no doubt that impacting the world for good is hugely motivating -- especially for passionate young people. Nonprofits have the opportunity to form relationships with young donors and constituents now to ensure the future of their mission. 

Millennials want more transparency and communication with the nonprofits they donate to. They want to know how and why you’re spending their dollars. Delivering your message through social media is how you can communicate your mission goals. Building a robust and effective customer journey is a complicated process. Getting data from these platforms and using that data in your CRM system is no easy task and the sooner nonprofits start solving that for their organizations the better prepared they will be.

Gen Z grew up online and spends a disproportionate amount of time there. It’s their preferred community and they are more likely to have started their own nonprofits at a young age.  As nonprofits, we need to figure out how to replicate that connection for these future donors.  Investing in the infrastructure, technology, and tools that meet the giving preferences of a wide range of donors without alienating any particular group is a fine line to walk.

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