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Podcast | How the Pandemic has Accelerated the Way Nonprofits Operate Digitally

In the 2nd release of this two-part podcast, we continued our conversation with Maureen Wallbeoff, by looking at how technology is bringing us out of a "brick-n-mortar" mindset and into a "cloud" mindset. We’ll examine how the pandemic has transformed the mission of our organizations and how we operate as nonprofits. The results of these experiences are valuable lessons you can deliver to your team as well as communicate them to your donors.

Some key takeaways:

  • Meeting the technological demands of your nonprofit
  • How technology supports us and how it will change the future of work
  • A look at how organizations such as higher education institutions are adjusting to the online experience

Maureen Wallbeoff is an "accidental techie" who has more than seventeen years working inside nonprofit organizations, and another ten years leading a digital agency for nonprofits. She shares how organizations can create the right technology to meet donor expectations and to operate more effectively.


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