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Podcast | Navigating the Social Fundraising Boom - Guest Maria Clark from GoodUnited

The new Facebook Challenge Fundraisers are helping organizations acquire brand new supporters, raise significant funds, and start personal relationships with everyone who joins the group. With such a cost-efficient way to meet your mission goals, this platform cannot be ignored.

Good United works hand-in-hand with Facebook to create and optimize Facebook Challenges for nonprofits. That’s why we were so excited to sit down and chat with Maria Clark, Good United’s EVP of Partnerships & Chief Evangelist, to learn about the evolving impact of peer-to-peer fundraising in social media.

Communicating with your donors through social media has never been more crucial. COVID forced nonprofits to make quicker pivots and be more nimble in their decision making & turning to social media & DIY tools to engage participants.

While all social media channels offer ways to connect with your constituents, Facebook fundraising has become the most lucrative with 90% of all social media giving coming from that platform. Facebook provides a frictionless and easy way to give without interruption and the added benefit of their Messenger service provides an avenue of communication with constituents resulting in deep relationships.

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