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Podcast | Stewarding a Shrinking Pool of Donors

Rage giving? Social commerce? Data governance? You can be sure that there’s no shortage of new concepts popping up in today’s nonprofit marketing arena. But if you need a quick lesson on these trending concepts, you’re in the right place.

In this episode, we tackle these topics and more with industry insight consultant Nicholas Hedenkamp, who compiles the latest trends, stories, and curiosities in the fundraising and marketing world. Here are the headlines:

  • Donors everywhere are tightening their purse strings—especially regarding funding operations versus mission-critical work. As the immediate crisis-inspired giving resulting from the global pandemic wanes, is there a way nonprofits can communicate the continued need for support? The answer might be in harnessing the power of storytelling.

  • One way to ignite the donor spark to give is to tap into the phenomenon of “rage giving.” When people are fired up about something that matters, they take action however they can. Is righteous anger a sustainable motivation in today’s fundraising landscape? 

  • Next, we talk personalization. Today’s nonprofit constituent craves a personal connection more than ever. Hear how the Houston Food Bank used a simple approach to create a big impact with their monthly donors.

  • But while prospects desire a more tailor-made experience, they are also worried about their digital privacy. How can organizations find a careful balance between offering a personalized experience and creating confidence in how they handle personal information? 

  • Finally, we talk about the latest industry dud in social media marketing: social commerce. Learn why big platforms like Meta are pulling the plug on this once-promising strategy that focuses on in-app purchases. 

Hear Nicholas’s savvy insights about these timely topics and more in the latest episode of the Go Beyond podcast.

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