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Pursuant Announces Winners of Inaugural 40 Over Forty Award Program


New industry award program recognizes excellence in the nonprofit sector

Pursuant, a leading fundraising and marketing agency serving the nonprofit sector, announces the winners of the inaugural 40 Over Forty Award, recognizing the work of nonprofit professionals who are driving lasting change around the world. The 40 Over Forty Award celebrates the longevity of impact by honoring those who consistently set a high bar for excellence in the nonprofit sector–elevating their organization, the people around them, and the lives of the people who are making a difference in the world.

"It's been a monumental time of change in everything from the way we drive community impact, engage donors, and support inclusive strategies," states Trent Ricker, CEO & President of Pursuant. "The 2022 40 Over Forty Award list highlights the influencers, creators, and executives who have shaped the philanthropic landscape—and are paving the way for what comes next."

Conceived by Pursuant, the award program was co-developed by a committee of nonprofit executives, including NonProfit Pro, Merkle RMG, and Barker & Scott. The collaboration blends industry experience, insights, and perspectives to identify and recognize the community of leaders.

"While we love celebrating rising stars, we can't forget about the nonprofit professionals who have committed their careers to driving positive change and impact," states Doug Barker, Co-Founder & Principal at Barker & Scott Consulting. "The 40 Over Forty Awards honor industry peers with noteworthy contributions across all philanthropic sectors – from groundbreaking creative work and innovative campaigns to impactful community mentoring and a commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion)."

Learn more about the 2022 40 Over Forty Winners

Founded in 2001, Pursuant is a leading fundraising and marketing agency serving the nonprofit sector, through direct mail, digital, and analytics. Powered by our GivingDNA platform, we extend an organization's impact by allowing more people to experience the joy of giving.www.pursuant.com

Merkel RMG
Merkle Response Management Group (RMG) combines best-in-class direct response processing, customer care and fulfillment solutions with actionable data insights to create an improved donor and customer experience that ultimately increases retention and revenue. www.merkleresponse.com.

Barker & Scott
Barker & Scott Consulting (BSC) helps non-profits leverage the power of information technology for strategic advancement, operational excellence, and mission success.

NonProfit Pro
Developed for thought leaders and innovators, NonProfit PRO is the go-to media source for nonprofit management and strategy. www.nonprofitpro.com

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