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Pursuant Group Announces Acquisition of Causemo – A Fundraising Intelligence Platform for Nonprofits


DALLASAugust 14, 2019 — The Pursuant Group, a full-service platform of fundraising and technology companies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Causemo, a fundraising intelligence and donor segmentation platform based in Boston, Massachusetts. This acquisition is another step made by The Pursuant Group in its continuing efforts to invest in data-driven technology solutions for nonprofits.

Causemo exists to help nonprofits raise more money and achieve greater impact for their cause. The platform empowers fundraisers with actionable data intelligence so that nonprofits can quickly profile and segment their donors and take the next steps toward custom donor experiences. Built intentionally for the unique characteristics of nonprofit data, with Causemo, fundraising intelligence truly is just a few clicks away. Causemo helps organizations see their data, act quickly on the data and raise more money by identifying and targeting donors who have the capacity to give now.

“Visualizing your fundraising data is truly just a few clicks away with Causemo. Gone are the days of going to IT and waiting 10 days to get a report back. With Causemo, our goal is to empower fundraisers and marketers with access to a data platform that actually gives them insights at their fingertips and recommendations on how to apply those insights,” says Bret Siarkowski, Causemo Co-Founder and SVP, Technology at Pursuant.

Pursuant continues to invest in analytics, insights, and donor experience technology and services through its investment in Causemo. This is the second acquisition of a data-centric software company for Pursuant after adding Advizor Solutions to the Pursuant Group portfolio earlier this year.

“What’s exciting about Causemo is the application to fundraising and nonprofit marketing. There are many business intelligence (BI) tools out on the market that can give organizations data visualization. Causemo is the only self-serve, cloud-based BI tool built specifically for the purpose of fundraising intelligence,” says Hilary Noon, Executive Director of Pursuant Insights. “Within the platform, organizations can visualize their fundraising and direct response data, and segment based on the data findings. All of this comes at an affordable price point, and for this, we are excited to offer greater access to innovative data tools.”

Through its direct integration with Salesforce and having already served several prominent organizations such as Feeding America, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Causemo platform offers a unique toolset that was developed specifically for fundraising – unlike other business intelligence tools in market. “We are thrilled to add Causemo to The Pursuant Group platform of fundraising solutions,” says Pursuant CEO Trent Ricker. “Causemo will play an important role in advancing Pursuant Insights capabilities and our focus on innovatively serving the nonprofit market in the emerging data, analytics, and insights space. Causemo is powerful enough to drive the largest organizations in the industry yet also easily accessible to the smallest organizations that need data-driven fundraising strategies.”

The Pursuant Group plans to accelerate investment in Causemo’s product development and will integrate it into Pursuant Insights’ growing suite of analytics and technology solutions to advance the missions of nonprofit organizations. The Causemo office will remain in Boston, and Causemo clients will continue to receive a high level of product capabilities, service, and support.

The Pursuant Group, based in Dallas, Texas, is a fundraising platform of services and technology tools that leverages strategy, insights, and creative storytelling to help nonprofit organizations change the world. Founded in 2001, Pursuant exclusively serves the nonprofit sector through its Pursuant Fundraising, Pursuant Insights, TouchPoint, and Advizor companies.

Causemo is a self-serve, cloud-based fundraising intelligence software platform. Intentionally and purposefully built for fundraisers and nonprofit marketers, the platform ingests donor data via direct upload or its direct integration with Salesforce. The tool visualizes the data, layers in benchmark and demographic data, and then gives fundraisers the information they need to create constituent segments that they can easily push into CRMs and other marketing automation systems. The mission of the company is to give the nonprofit sector access to affordable and incredibly powerful fundraising and business intelligence tools.

For inquiries, please reach out to Rebecca Segovia, EVP Marketing at Pursuant.
email: rebecca.segovia@pursuant.com
phone: 214.866.7700