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Pursuant's Forty Over Forty Award Program is Here

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Pursuant Announces Inaugural Forty Over Forty Award Program
New award program introduced to recognize excellence and celebrate impact in the nonprofit sector

Dallas, TX-- Pursuant, a leading fundraising and marketing agency, serving the nonprofit sector, announces the launch of a new award program, recognizing the work of nonprofit professionals who are driving lasting change around the world.The Pursuant 40 Over 40 Award is designed to celebrate the longevity of impact by honoring those who consistently set a high bar for excellence in the nonprofit sector–elevating their organization, the people around them, and the lives of the people who want to make a difference in the world. 

"Having dedicated 20+ years of my career to the philanthropic sector, I've had the benefit of learning from many exceptional leaders," states Kelley Hecht Stewart, executive vice president, client solutions at Pursuant. “With so many awards celebrating rising talent, we felt it was time to shine a light on the leaders who have left an indelible mark on the sector through the longevity of their careers.”

Innovated by Pursuant, the award program was co-developed by a committee of nonprofit executives from leading organizations in the sector, including NonProfit Pro, Merkle RMG, and Barker & Scott. The collaboration blends industry experience, insights, and perspectives to identify and recognize the community of leaders. 

Pursuant is currently accepting nominations and invites the industry to play an active role in recognizing excellence and celebrating impact. Fundraisers, marketers, and partners throughout the country can nominate peers who are over forty years old and meet the awards criteria, including continued impact and innovation, and commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion). Honorees will be announced in mid-summer and will be celebrated throughout the industry.

“The Pursuant 40 Over 40 Award is our opportunity to recognize the transformational leaders that make up the sector”, states Jennifer Bielat, executive vice president, client strategy at Pursuant. “We are committed to honoring their hard work and dedication, and look forward to celebrating these individuals who have positively impacted our industry and the philanthropic community.” 

Deadline for submission is Friday, April 15th, 2022. For more information or to submit a nomination for the Pursuant Forty over Forty Award, please go to https://info.pursuant.com/40over40/info.


Founded in 2001, Pursuant is a leading fundraising and marketing agency, serving the nonprofit sector, through direct response, digital, and analytics.  Grounded in analytics and powered by our GivingDNA platform, we extend an organization’s impact by allowing more people to experience the joy of giving. Experience the difference. www.pursuant.com.  


Merkel RMG
Merkle Response Management Group (RMG) is a processing, data and technology-driven company. By combining best-in-class direct response processing, customer care and fulfillment solutions with actionable data insights, Merkle RMG drives one-to-one relationships for an improved donor and customer experience that increases retention and revenue. www.merkleresponse.com.


Barker & Scott
Barker & Scott Consulting (BSC) helps non-profits leverage the power of information technology for strategic advancement, operational excellence, and mission success.  BSC helps span the critical strategic and operational gaps that all too often separate a nonprofit organization’s technology, data, people, and processes from the many constituencies the organization depends on for success.


NonProft Pro
NonProfit PRO is the go-to source for nonprofit management and strategy. Developed for thought leaders and innovators, we cover topics ranging from internal issues such as human resources, board and volunteer management to technology to tax and legal matters, news and, of course, raising funds.


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