Staying COOL through the "Summer Slump" Part 1

3 Tips to Keep Donors Engaged this Summer.

It’s finally here – that long-awaited season of Summertime – but this is not just any summer, it’s a post pandemic Summer. That’s right folks, after the past 18 months, many of us are more than ready to be stepping back into the sunlight and dipping our toes in the water again.  

Whether you’re exploring neighborhood BBQ’s potluck style or taking a family vacation, one thing is for certain, most of us are planning to spend a lot less time indoors over the next few months. While this gives us a lot to look forward to personally, it can certainly make engaging our donors and staying top of mind a bit more challenging. 

The good news is, keeping your supporters engaged can be easier than you think and should be enjoyable. Let’s start by getting a bit craftier in our approach and finding fun ways to add value during these months. First, consider how you’re personally planning to spend the season and what might make your plans even more memorable; chances are it will resonate with your supporters too. More specifically, consider the following adventure features:

1. Streaming Spotify/Podcast Ads

It’s no surprise that many families are eager to hit the open road this Summer. If your supporters are braving a long trip in the coming months, they are going to need something to listen to. This means mapping a course to cruise past the Grand Canyon or snap a group photo at Mount Rushmore, also comes with a playlist of podcasts or streaming music to pass the time and potentially drown out the shouting from the backseat (if their kids are anything like mine). 

An increasing number of people—especially younger audiences—stream music and listen to podcasts through services such as Spotify. Podcast ads are a super cost-effective and easy way to capture your supporter’s ear while they’re on the road. In fact, 81% of listeners take action as a result of listening to a podcast ad. (Crowd DNA & Spotify, “We’re All Ears,” US, 2018). 

2. Digital Name Acquisition

I know, I know, acquisition during the Summer – I must be crazy. Well, the truth is you can see great success acquiring new eyeballs, names, and even donors if you consider a unique offering or resources that add value. Your constituents may be traveling or laying out by the pool, but they are definitely still holding their phones – let’s be honest, it’s practically an appendage for most of us – which makes it the perfect opportunity to consider an engaging digital campaign. Nothing beats coming across an ad, interactive game, video, or landing page that can take you on an adventure. Perhaps an invitation to download a camping scavenger hunt game or a road-trip activity book for the family in exchange for providing their contact information – you now have permission to continue the conversation and begin cultivating them as a potential donor.

Be sure to include your existing supporters in these fun campaigns and equip them to share with their networks. Whether you use Pursuant’s GivingDNA Platform, or another tool to identify your social influencers, there is a unique opportunity to invite them to help amplify content as well.

3. Video Sharing 

Social media and sites like Tik Tok are proving time and again that people love to share their experiences with the world. In fact, research shows that many millennials view philanthropy as any act of social good – so let’s give them a means to showcase and celebrate the goodness they’re doing for our missions. Consider how your mission can tie to a fun activity or snapshot and provide folks the tools to capture and share those moments with your organization and their peers. These videos serve to raise awareness about the organization, allow us to learn more about our supporters, and can be included in future promotional email series and targeted social ads.  

There are so many creative ways to add value and stay top of mind this season – and these strategies are only the tip of the ice-pop. Spoiler alert, next month’s summer tips will focus on mail and phone. That’s right, when it comes to being the life of the party this summer, we are all about the impact of multichannel. Ultimately, the goal is to meet your supporters where they are and aim to deepen your connection with them. 

For more information on how these strategies can drive revenue and engagement for your supporters, reach out to Whitney Norman and stay tuned for more great tips this Summer!