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Podcast | The Best Social Media Platform for Your Content

Why do people give? As nonprofit fundraisers and marketers, it’s a question you should try to understand if you want to be successful.

Here’s another one that may at first seem unrelated: Why do people consume content? Often in our work, we create content, reformat it for a particular platform, blast it out with a scheduling tool, and check it off our list. But, with so little thought behind it, that content may do you more harm than good.

In this episode, we’re joined by Dana Snyder, founder and CEO of Positive Equation and host of the podcast Missions to Movements. Dana gives nonprofits the tools and resources they need to raise more funds online through digital marketing. Her keynotes focus largely on topics related to social media, such as “3 Social Media Ad Strategies – Which One Works for Your Nonprofit?”

We posed these questions and others to Dana, whose expertise is sure to help you hone your digital content to be more impactful.

Why do people give? Dana outlines three reasons pulled from a recent study by Neon One:

  1.  Situation-based, such as a natural disaster
  2.  Relationship-based, which is something you have a close tie to
  3.  Identity-based, such as an organization you stand for

Some donors may check more than one box. The key is to put yourself in your constituents’ shoes: what they’re thinking and feeling, what action they’re trying to take, and what might move them along the donor journey.

If you don’t feel comfortable making guesses or assumptions, you can survey your constituents and ask them directly why they give to your organization. Then, segment them based on their responses and send them relevant content.

Why do people consume content? Understanding this question can help you determine what content to post on which social media channels. Similarly, remember that each social platform has a distinct purpose and that the content should be tailored to match that purpose.

Dana recommends focusing on one or two platforms. If you aren’t sure which ones are best for you, utilize your free Google Analytics account, which outlines what social channels are driving the most traffic to your website. Then, think about the information people want to see on those platforms, and craft your content accordingly.

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