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The Nuts and Bolts of Relationship Fundraising


Every organization wants to build stronger relationships with their donors. And while we may understand the principles behind the latest relationship fundraising research, learning how to develop strategies and apply them in our interactions with donors at every level can be a challenge.

You want to fundraise in a way that wins the hearts of your donors and deepens their commitment to your cause. We want to help you turn the principles behind relationship fundraising into tangible, actionable steps you can take today.

WEBINAR: The Nuts and Bolts of Relationship Fundraising

In this webinar, Pursuant’s Curt Swindoll and Rebecca Gregory Segovia help you apply the principles of relationship fundraising in your day-to-day efforts.  In the process, they present real-world examples of organizations that have utilized relationship fundraising to engage donors more effectively.

This webinar will help you learn:

  • The differences between transactional versus relationship fundraising.
  • What donors want in the early stages of a relationship versus in the later stages.
  • What data points are important to relationship fundraising.
  • How technology can positively influence relationships, and when it can interfere.

Watch the webinar replay today or download the slides to discover how you can acquire, retain, and upgrade more donors by applying the principles of relationship fundraising into your daily activities and efforts.