Podcast | Cryptocurrency & Year-End Giving: 5 Things Every Nonprofit Needs to Know

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic right now among finance enthusiasts, and nonprofit leaders are cautiously curious. But with year-end giving right around the corner, it’s definitely a giving channel to explore given the relatively untapped potential. A recent report from Gemini found that 14% of adults (21 million individuals) in the US own cryptocurrency. A further 66% of the remaining adults surveyed identify as "crypto-curious," and $1 billion+ in cryptocurrency was donated in 2021. If your nonprofit qualifies as "crypto-curious," you're definitely not alone.

That's why we enlisted Tina Roh of every.org, a nonprofit technology company that aims to make technology a public good, to explain the world of cryptocurrency, why nonprofits should investigate it, and how to allow donors to give via crypto at year-end. We also brought on Ryan Carpenter to explain how fundraisers can proactively identify people in your donor data who fit the profile of a crypto owner who is most likely to give to your cause.


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Read the Gemini report: www.gemini.com/gemini-2021-state-of-crypto-us.pdf
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